• Our philosophy symbolizes the perfect blend of professionalism (Mechanistic) and emotivism (ethical).
  • We believe that every aspirant, irrespective of his/her level of existing knowledge, has a potential to rise, so we don’t classify them as weak or bright ones. All our aspirants are absolutely & equally important for us.
  • Diligently, Democratically, Collectively, Enthusiastically are the adverbs that sound alluring but we at the “Shreeji Study Center” indeed wish to inculcate them.


Shreeji Study Center’s teaching methodology or functional mechanism is solely & wholly guided by the above-mentioned ethics, values & principles that have been translated into reality. Shreeji Study Center is known for its unique technology in imparting knowledge of General Studies, Geography, History, Public Administration and Sociology for the Civil Services Examination both in English and Hindi mediums.